Milan Meyer Kaya is a music producer and composer based in Hamburg, Germany. For over twenty years, he has been working as a music and sound specialist for various international artists, film productions, advertising agencies, and game studios. In 2021, he founded the "Broomestella Music Collective ,a free collective consisting of diverse musicians with whom he engaged in various projects. Additionally, he works as an artist on his own independent productions and collaborates with fellow artists.

selected works

Gollum –
The Lord of the Ring

Daedalic, video game,
executive music production

Gladbeck –
The Hostage Crisis

Netflix documentary,
music composition

A perfect Crime

4-part Netflix documentary,
music composition

The Tiger Mafia

Amazon Prime documentary, video, music composition

State of Mind 

Daedalic, video game,
executive music production

Volkswagen – Arteon

he&me, commercial,
music composition

Audi – s3

he&me, comercial,
music composition

Newzealand from above 

5-part documentary, arte,
music composition

Claude Dornier

arte documentary,
music composition

Städte am Meer

5-part arte documetary,
music composition


music production x composition

Ballroom project

music composition

selected music

(full list here)


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